W have compiled this list of our favorite links to share with those involved in independent film, Holocaust, and genealogical studies. Because we are hoping children as well as adults will visit these links for further education, we have chosen not to include any direct links to sites which feature highly graphic documentation of the Holocaust genocide.
Holocaust Sites
Cybrary of the Holocaust http://remember.org/remember.html
Museum of Tolerance http://www.wiesenthal.com
Meyer's Holocaust Links http://www1.netcom.com/~jdmeyer/shoah.htm
Association of Holocaust Organizations
Jewish Genealogy
JewishGen:The Official Home of Jewish Geneology http://www.jewishgen.org
Yivo Institute For Jewish Research http://www.yivoinstitute.org
Jewish Gombin
The Gombin Historical and Genealogical Society http://www.gombinsociety.org/
Ada Holzman's Website
Independent Film
IndieWire http://www.indiewire.com
The Buzz http://www.independentfilms.com/buzz/
International Documentary Association
Documentary Film Sites
I Film Network http://www.ifilm.net


From Meit Holtzman's album. Sam Rafel with Gombiners in Kibbutz Evron on his visit in the 50's. From Left to right: Meir Holtzman, Sam Rafel, Shmuel Glickzeliger (Golan) , Zelig Etinger and Zalman Ben Itzhak (Borensztejn).