Gombin Jews in Forced Labour.


is a video and performance company headed by Minna Packer, the Producer/Director of Back To Gombin. Before shooting on the film began,the company has, for the last two years, been producing a theatrical venue for emerging solo performers in New York City.
In the planning stages is another film which will chronicle the wartime exploits of one of the more unusual survivors of the town of Gombin.

Ms. Packer has been involved in the visual and performing arts in many capacities for the last eighteen years. She was the owner of the widely reviewed Coup De Grace Gallery on Broadway, N.Y.C., for five years. During that time she produced many co-operative curations with other arts venues throughout the city. She has worked as a non-profit arts administrator, teacher, printmaker and sculptor.

A daughter of survivors of Gombin, her interest in creating this film was sparked by her witnessing the growth of a "virtual Gombin" that the many children of survivors throughout the world built with an active online e-mail community.The center of "town" can be seen here in the website devoted to preserving, commemmorating and NEVER forgetting the lives that once were.

Group of Gombin Jews Engaged in Forced Labour in the Ghetto. Picture In the second row: Yosef Lajb Holcman and daughter Andjia. Yosef Lajb was shot dead in the woods near Gombin. Daughter Andjia, daughter Szajna, wife Lea nee Zolna - suffocated to death in the extermination camp Chelmno 17 April 1942.

Back To Gombin

started shooting in March of 1999. It is being shot on location in New York, Florida, California, and Poland.

Taping of the testimony of the remaining elderly survivors of the village of Gombin is presently being done at an urgent pace. The children, and some grandchildren of those few survivors are also being documented. Many have made available personal effects, photos and documents which illuminate the stories.

The journey of a large group of the second generation - the children - back to Gombin, is taking place in August. Their discoveries, dedications, and relations with the contemporary Polish community of Gombin will be a focus of this work.See the current shooting schedule on the Production Updates page.

Historical footage of pre-war Gombin, included in the film was taken by Sam Rafel (courtesy of The Gombin Jewish Genealogical Society). Mr. Rafel took this rare film on his trip delivering relief supplies to his hometown in 1937. It is the last view of the life of Jewish Gombin before their extermination.

Archival photographs and documents being used in
the film are generously provided by Ada Holzman,
Gail Saloman, Jacob Speiwak, and Leon Zamosc.

The work is being videotaped in DV and Beta format with transfers of all to Beta. It will be edited on Avid equipment.
Production assistance is generously provided by Image Impact, Inc.

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