The Gombin Jewish Historical
and Genealogical Society


The Gombin Society was created in 1995 by people from younger Gombiner generations who are keen on celebrating family roots, remembering the Jewish civilization that flourished in Poland, and bearing witness to the murder of thousands of Gombiners during the Holocaust. In these four years of activity, dozens of participants from several countries have joined the society's daily exchanges through electronic mail. More than two hundred families receive the newsletter BNAI GOMBIN, which is distributed free in English and Hebrew versions, and the group works in collaboration with the senior landsmen Gambiner organizations from Israel, New York, and New Jersey. Every other summer, the society organizes a Gombiner Annual Gathering that brings together Gombiners of all generations. The Gombin Society is officially registered in the United States as a nonprofit organization that seeks to educate Gombiner descendants and the public about the history and genealogy of the Gombin Jews. Thanks to the work of its members, it has been able to obtain and publish substantial amounts of information about the Gombin Jewish community. In the process, a variety of pictorial materials and documents have been collected, and the society continues to encourage descendants to investigate their family trees, re-establish contact with relatives and friends, and document Holocaust victims from Gombin. In 1997, the directors of the Gombin Society decided to undertake special initiatives to restore and protect the Jewish Cemetery in Gombin and to dedicate a memorial to the Gombin Jews at the Chelmno extermination camp. These projects were successfully completed in the course of 1998 and 1999.

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